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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I Use A Diesel Or Electric Work Platform For The Job Site?

Rough terrain machines tend to be diesel because they’re used outside. Indoor machines would be electric powered. General rule of thumb would be outdoor/rough terrain are diesel powered and indoor are typically electric powered.

What Is The Outreach Range Of Your Lifts?

Only boom lifts provide outreach. If you’re looking for a machine that provides the best possible outreach, a boom lift will do the job. The range we sell for the rough terrain boom lifts would start at 7.47 metres for a Dingli BA14J through 23.85 metres for the HT28 RTJ Pro. Sometimes the biggest machine won’t necessarily provide the best outreach. We can help you find the right machine you need if you’d like to contact us.

EWP Parts

Do You Sell Parts For EWPs?

Yes, we carry parts for Dingli, Haulotte, MEC and we also stock fast moving parts for other brands as well, such as Snorkel, JLG, Genie, Skyjack and Nifty.

You can read more about what we carry on our Parts page.

How Often Should The New Dingli Hoppecke Gel Batteries Be Charged?

All Dingli machines come equipped with an on-board smart battery charger. We recommend charging every night after use but with the new Hoppecke battery technology, you would get approximately 2 days before a charge is needed.

Pre Sales

What Range Of EWP Heights Do You Sell?

The lowest we offer is 3.6 metres and the highest we sell is 43 metres.

Can I Drive An EWP While It’s Elevated?

Driving a lift while elevated would be referred to as ‘self-propelled,’ as opposed to ‘push around.’ Push around machines are generally more economical price-wise, but they’re limited to only being moved when they are not elevated. If they need to be driven while elevated, it needs to be self-propelled.

Do You Hire Or Rent EWP Equipment?

No, we do not hire, but a large contingent of our customer base do so we can certainly steer you in the right direction. In addition to new equipment, we do sell pre-owned and rebuilt machines. Contact us if you would like pricing or go to our TradeMe page to find some we have for sale.

Where Are Your EWPs Made?

Dingli models are made in China. MEC machines are made in the US. Haulotte lifts are made in France, while their Cherry Pickers are built in the US.

Do You Have Used EWPs?

We do offer used scissor lifts, boom lifts and personnel/mast lifts which you can find on TradeMe or contact us if you’d like to come by our shop and have a look.

Do You Sell Telehandlers?

We previously sold Haulotte Telehandlers, but they have since discontinued them from their range. However, we will still service them if needed, just contact us if you need help!

Rebuilds & Inspections

Do You Perform Rebuilds Of Elevated Work Platforms?

Yes, we do. We offer major 10 year inspections and rebuilds. Whilst assessments can be done onsite, machinery would need to be in our workshop to carry out the rebuild process. We only do proper major rebuilds which include disassembly, blasting, non-destructive testing (NDT) and painting as required by the NZ BPG for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and Australian Standard 2550.10.


Do You Work With Service Providers For EWPs?

We service all of the South Island and the Auckland area, but work with other providers on the North Island, should you need assistance with your EWP. You can use our service provider map to get in touch with the shop closest to you.

Do You Provide Call Outs For Breakdowns?

Yes we do! We have a 24/7 call out service. Just contact us on 0800 4 LIFTX (0800) 454 389 for emergencies and a technician will get back with you ASAP.


How Do I Transport A Lift To The Jobsite?

Small personnel and scissor lifts can be moved on a transport trailer and larger lifts are generally moved on transport trucks (low loaders) which means they can be driven on and off as opposed to using a forklift.

We sell trailers for transporting scissor lifts and typically have them in stock should you need one or want to purchase one with your new lift.

Generally, we will deliver smaller equipment around the greater Christchurch area free of charge.

Larger boom lifts that need to be put on a transporter will incur a fee. Any domestic freight nation-wide is an additional cost as this has to be transported by truck and possibly ship. We pass through the shipping charge to the customer without markup.

Can I Transport An Electric Scissor Lift On A Trailer?

Yes, you can but only up to a certain weight. We can send you information on tier weights as well. It can typically only be transported up to a gross vehicle mass of 3500kg (combined weight of trailer and scissor lift that’s on it).

We wrote an article about braking regulations regarding transporting lifts on trailers.

Do You Sell Trailers For Transporting Lifts?

Yes, we do. We have a trailer which is designed and rated to transport a 6 metre electric scissor lift. It’s also suitable for transporting some of the smaller scissor and mast lifts. We have another trailer which is rated to transport an 8 metre electric scissor lift or to transport the considerably heavier 8 metre electric scissor lift. You can read more about our scissor lift trailers.


What Is Your Warranty On New Lift Equipment?

Haulotte and Dingli are two years general warranty (full parts and labour). If any part fails, the part and the time to do the repair is covered. These also come with a 5 year structural warranty. MEC is one year general warranty and 5 year structural warranty. In most instances, we would do a call out to the site to assess the machine if something has gone wrong. If we find that it is a genuine warranty issue, we will try our best to rectify the issue on site. In some cases, it may be necessary for the machine to be returned to our workshop.


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